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The Florida Academy of Dental Practice Administration was founded in 1960 by a consortium of dentists of excellence in Florida, including L.D. Pankey, F. Monroe Farber, Thomas O'Flanagan and M.L. Butterworth.

The first gathering attended a seminar given by A.V. Purinton, the esteemed pioneer of practice management education. Although an informal meeting, the Florida Academy was forged there at the suggestion of Dr. Purinton.

The formative years of the Florida Academy were exciting ones, as the study and promotion of practice administration
as a science and as a desirable skill to benefit all of the stakeholders in a dental practice was a relatively new notion.  The Academy quickly found its niche and has never lacked in robust and visionary leadership.

As the practice of dentistry evolves into the twenty-first century and sees the rising tide of corporate influence into the arena of patient care, the Mission and Vision of the Founders of the Florida Academy stand as a beacon to all who care to represent something of import in dentistry.

View the historical publication that was published in 1992:


Full Version w/Meeting History


Condensed Version of History and a note from Dr. Farber


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