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Invitation to Membership

If you are a member of FADPA and would like to invite a colleague dentist (guest) to the upcoming annual meeting, please download the sponsor protocol and follow the instructions below.  Your guest will be required to complete a Getting to Know You form. Be sure to encourage your potential guest to reserve their hotel room upon invitation. A formal invitation letter will be mailed to your potential guest listing you as their sponsor.

*Invitee must be a good standing member of the American and Florida Dental Associations and be a dentist in private practice or a dentist aspiring to be in private practice.

Talking points when talking about FADPA to potential members:

  • Exposure to like-minded individuals. Ability to foster relationships with dentists around the state, network, brainstorm and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

  • Promotion of private practice business model of dentistry. Safe environment to discuss best practices and issues within the private practice.

  • Excellent speakers who you would not generally hear during a dental meeting. Speakers that focus on things other than clinical dentistry (to improve overall mind/body health as well as the health of our practices and finances). All of which provides a different, outside dental world view.

  • The 1/2 day meeting format lends itself for ample free-time to spend relaxing with family and friends or an opportunity to explore the surrounding area or participate in unique activities.

  • Beautiful meeting destinations, experiencing first class service at 5 star resorts which allows you to bring that same level of service back home to your own practice.

  • Great camaraderie with a family conscience group where the spouses can also enjoy networking with other dental spouses who face the same joys and challenges of being married to a dentist or working in the dental office with a spouse.

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