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Program Speaker: Chelsea Myers, Dental Life Coach 
Day 1: Creating Results
Day 2: Exceptional Leadership

Chelsea Myers is the CEO & Founder of Dental Life Coach and the host of the Dental Brain Crops podcast. She is addicted to optimizing the health, happiness, and success of dental entrepreneurs and leaders! Chelsea began her professional coaching career at WellsFargo Bank where she recognized her passion for facilitating the growth of high-performers. She expanded her coaching and received referrals to work with additional individuals, including dentists. Falling in love with the dental community, Chelsea partnered in some dental practices and businesses. She continued coaching and spent the next few years learning, designing, and refining her coaching tools to best serve the industry. Focusing on facilitating exceptional partnerships through advanced leadership development, Dental Life Coach offers coaching, curriculum, and tools to advance doctors and leaders, impacting revenue, retention, acceptance rates and culture. Chelsea enjoys speaking, training, and collaborating with highest performing teams. Health, happiness, and success are the focal points of her work.

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