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Speakers and Program


Bill Barrett, Esq. is the CEO of the full-service law firm Mandelbaum Barrett PC and Co-Chair of the firm’s National Dental Law Group. He is a dental dealmaker who has closed hundreds of transactions across the country and his vision and passion for helping dentists is unmatched.  Bill has also translated his experiences into two best-selling books, “Pain Free Dental Deals” and “The DSO Decision: Winning Answer from Every Angle.” He is a nationally recognized speaker for events and dental study clubs throughout the country..

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Casey Gocel, Esq. is Partner and Co-Chair of the National Dental Law Group at Mandelbaum Barrett PC. Her expertise lies in providing exceptional representation to dentists and dental specialists. She has successfully facilitated numerous nationwide dental practice transitions and advised dentists on crucial business aspects. These experiences have led her to co-author two highly regarded books, "Pain Free Dental Deals" and "The DSO Decision: Winning Answer from Every Angle." These resources have become essential for entrepreneurial dentists in the industry.

Pain Free Dental Deals 


Even seasoned dentists can be overwhelmed by a practice purchase, sale, or partnership. Even when appropriately executed, the stakes are high, and unique emotional, financial, and legal issues often arise. This program demystifies the process of buying or selling a practice to uncover the smoothest and most profitable path forward. Attendees gain insights from both sides of the negotiating table. All attendees will also receive a complimentary copy of the best-selling book “Pain-Free Dental Deals.”


Learning Objectives: 

  • Explore the present M&A market and its influence on practice sales.

  • Gain insights into why dentists contemplate partnerships, from the viewpoints of both junior and senior dentists.

  • Examine crucial deal terms and valuation approaches and recognize the significance of due diligence.

  • Comprehend the process of executing deals and the experiences following the completion of transactions.


DSO Decision: Winning Answers from Every Angle 

In the dental profession today, many conversations broach the topic of DSOs. There is a lot of information out there, both true and false. There also is a great deal of confusion about what DSOs really do and how they operate. This session provides insight for anyone who is thinking of selling their practice to a DSO, partnering with a DSO, starting their DSO, working for a DSO, or just looking for a better understanding of how DSOs operate and impact the profession. This session also will cover effective strategies to compete with DSOs for those in the quest for the preservation of the private practice of dentistry.


Learning Objectives:

  • Examine how to prepare a dental practice for sale to a DSO and effectively negotiate a DSO transaction.

  • Develop, explain, and effectively negotiate an employment agreement with a private-equity-backed DSO.

  • Analyze the question "should I create my own DSO?" and explain the steps and processes required to do so.

  • Understand what Affiliate Groups are and how they can enhance the value of a transition.

  • Determine how to effectively compete with private-equity-backed DSOs in the pursuit of the preservation of private practice dentistry.

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